Me-Made-May Day 6 | Boats and Bunting Skirt

I finally sewed something new for this month. This was a (fairly) easy project, because I needed a quick success after beginning the month with a total failure (which you probably won’t see me wearing!). This skirt is made from a thrifted dress, with the trim made from a thrifted shirt almost identical in colour […]

Me-Made-May 2016

This year I’ve decided to participate again in Me-Made-May, a challenge hosted by Zoe, focusing on wearing handmade clothing during the month of May. I participated last year, despite being pregnant and thus with a smaller than usual wardrobe of homemade items. This year I fear my choices are even fewer. Obviously I’m not wearing my […]

My Favourite Natural Makeup

I’ve shared a few times on the blog how I switched some of my personal care products over to more green or natural versions, for example skincare. I’ve been wanting to do a similar post on makeup for a while, but was waiting to try a few things first. I’ve picked three favourites to share, […]

After a Month of Zero Waste Shopping

My initial zero waste shopping experiment ran for the month of February, and now I’m thinking over the month. How did it go? Would I do it again? Here’s what happened. What we ate I didn’t try very hard to plan our menu around zero waste foods; mostly I drew from my usual repertoire of […]

I Finally Made a Dress

Ever since Edith was born, I’ve daydreamed about making a dress. Most of my favourite summer dresses aren’t breastfeeding friendly, and if I’m honest, most are still a little tight. For a long time I told myself I didn’t have the time or focus to sew a garment, until one day I got fed up […]

Zero Waste Shopping: Whole Foods

I planned one trip to Whole Foods for the month of February as part of my zero waste experiment. My goal was to get some organic/free range meat, and some bulk goods that I couldn’t get from my usual supermarket. This trip took longer than I expected. I spilled flour on myself, had to ask someone […]

Zero Waste Shopping: At the Supermarket

I’ve now made three shopping trips to my usual supermarket trying to follow zero waste habits as much as possible. First I get my gear: Edith’s car seat, my shopping kit, and my canvas bags. I think that as soon as you start bringing your own shopping bags – per the norm many places now – it’s relatively […]

Adventures in Zero Waste Shopping

For a while now, I’ve wanted to experiment with reducing food packaging waste. I first encountered this idea in Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson (who blogs at The book describes how to make every aspect of home life ‘zero waste’, that is, producing no landfill waste. (It’s full of good advice even if you don’t aspire […]

Good Habits for 2016

I won’t call these resolutions or goals, but I’m planning a few good habits I want to cultivate at the start of the new year. All of these fall under the umbrella of reclaiming some of my sanity and personality. Since having Edith, I am always sleep-deprived and therefore a little crazed, and I’ve realised […]

Pantry Organisation

I feel about our pantry much the same as I feel about our bathroom cabinets. Hooray, we have a pantry! But it’s kind of an awkward space. It has a narrow single door opening onto a very deep closet of shelves. Even at a generous estimate, only half the space is accessible enough to use easily. […]