Konmari: CDs and DVDs

The next category of my KonMari sorting is the one called Komono, which includes everything left in the house except sentimental items. This is probably where I’ll spend the most time, since there’s a lot of miscellaneous stuff here. CDs and DVDs are the first subcategory.

It wasn’t such a big task, not like the behemoth that the paper category turned out to be. It’s one category where I’ve always had minimalist tendencies, and don’t tend to get so emotionally attached.

I’ve had quite a few CDs over the years, because I got quite a few from my dad’s collection. And also because (here is something I never thought I’d say) I used to be really into classical music.

Wait. Used to?

Actually, I do still love classical music, and if you ask me what type of music I like, that’s what I would say; but it’s not something I am regularly pursuing at the moment. This is the kind of realisation I keep having during the Konmari method. I have identified myself over the years as a lover of many things, and while in most cases I still enjoy those things, not everything still commands the intense attraction it once did. So while I still have some of my favourite classical albums, I don’t listen to music frequently and I don’t see my CD collection as the library of an educated music lover, more just a selection of albums that really excite and move me.

Oh, and I did have some unlabelled CDs that turned out to be backups of my emails from 2008. Gahhh! Why did I even do that? Get thee hence! Those CDs I destroyed, which I should have done a long time ago – maybe even back in 2008.


The next subcategory is toiletries/skincare and makeup. Our bathroom cupboards are in need of help, so I’m looking forward to this one.

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