Me-Made-May 2016


This year I’ve decided to participate again in Me-Made-May, a challenge hosted by Zoe, focusing on wearing handmade clothing during the month of May.

From May last year

I participated last year, despite being pregnant and thus with a smaller than usual wardrobe of homemade items. This year I fear my choices are even fewer. Obviously I’m not wearing my maternity clothing any longer, and a lot of my homemade garments pre-pregnancy don’t fit that well or aren’t breastfeeding friendly. And post-pregnancy, well, I haven’t had so much time to sew!

However, I enjoyed the challenge last year despite my excuses, so I’m going for it again this year.

My goal is to wear something handmade four days a week for the month of May. I’m including garments that I’ve refashioned or altered, as well.

In addition, I’m going to use the month as motivation to complete a few sewing projects. I have some old clothes I’ve wanted to refashion for a while, and it’s time either to 1) do it, or 2) decide not to, for good. So there are a few sewing projects which I’ll either complete in May, or I’ll discard from my stash and free some room. I also have a couple of things that would probably fit now with a little alteration, so this is my impetus to take the time to do that.

I’ll share a few days’ outfits on my blog, so I hope you’ll join me!

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