Me-Made-May: Day 1

Here’s today’s outfit!

IMG_3331The white skirt is a refashioned charity shop find. I actually bought it a couple of years ago for £2, because I loved the fabric (linen/cotton), the shape, and it did fit me perfectly. However, a few things about the style meant that it was hard to wear – it didn’t really facilitate tucking in tops, which I do a lot in the summer. It also needed a layer underneath to prevent it being too transparent. But when I was looking for maternity sewing fodder, I realised this skirt was perfect, because it had lovely pleats right at hip level, which is the ideal place for a maternity skirt of this type to sit anyway. So I took off the existing yoke at the top of the skirt and replaced it with an elastic waistband, which now sits comfortably around my hips. And since there will be no tucking-in of tops this summer, it’s just right!

IMG_3337Of course the see-through problem still persisted, but I decided to solve that by making a little cotton slip – no nylon slips in summer, PLEASE!


This slip was made from a thin white nightgown – a charity shop purchase again – and is just a simple rectangle stitched into a skirt with an elastic waist. I had some white eyelet from the edge of a charity shop sheet, which I sewed to the bottom. As an added bonus, I wanted this slip to be wearable when I’m no longer pregnant, so it needed some extra length for when it can sit back up at my natural waist once more. Thus, I sewed some tucks around the bottom, above the eyelet, which if I undo the stitching later will come loose and give me several extra inches of length.

Are you bored of secondhand remakes yet? Because that’s what this tank top is as well.


It was a couple of sizes bigger than my usual size, which gave me enough fabric to alter the side seams. I recut it so that the front was wider than the back (for obvious reasons) and then added elastic along the waist area to create the kind of rushing you typically see on maternity tops like this. It’s a very easy alteration to do! And maybe I will again, too, because tank tops are 99c at Salvation army, and half off every Wednesday! Salvation Army, you will be seeing me again.


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