Me-Made-May Day 13

This is my outfit from a few days ago. The skirt is a very simple dirndl (i.e. a gathered rectangle), and I was inspired by the tutorial at DIY Maternity,, though I just used my own measurements.

I’m also wearing the cotton slip you’ve already seen.IMG_3479

I added pockets as well. Whenever I’m sewing pockets, I think, ‘Agh, is this worth it?’ However, I always find a use for them. Since I have to use the laundry room at our apartments until we buy a washing machine, it’s handy to have a pocket to stash my keys while I’m hauling clothes with both hands.IMG_3480I used this pink floral fabric because when I made this skirt, a couple of months ago, I wasn’t sure whether the style would really look good and didn’t want to buy fabric for it. I just had the fabric lying around without any specific project in mind, so decided to use it. It seems a bit on the cutesy side, being a ‘ditsy’ pink floral, but the usual risks of looking to little-girlish, too young, or too contrived seem canceled out by pregnancy.


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