Me-Made-May Day 27

Here you have it. One of the most boring things ever, a white t-shirt. (Paired with the pink skirt you’ve already seen on the 13th.)


This was, honestly, a quick-and-dirty project. I’ve been meaning to make this since I started making maternity clothes, but couldn’t get excited about it. Finally I found some fabric (sourced from a thrifted tee), but it still sat around for a few weeks. Today I decided it was now or never. It’s not great, it’s not polished, and I took the lazy route and re-used the hems from the original garment instead of sewing my own. And then I put it on, hot off the sewing machine, without even doing a final press! It was lunchtime; no time to iron.

Increasingly I am opting not to perfect every project, but to decide in advance how much time and effort I want to spend and then adjust my expectations of the outcome accordingly. It’s a novel way of working for me, but in certain cases in yields acceptable results where perfectionism only yields never-starting-in-the-first-place!

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