Me-Made-May Day 4

It’s a denim skirt today. I’d been planning this project for a while, and had almost run out to buy a yard or two of denim to make it from scratch before I decided I should hit up the charity shop first. And indeed I did find a suitable skirt there to remake.

IMG_3366The original was, I don’t know, some kind of 80s number perhaps. It had a wide yoke waistband, gathers, the two patch pockets you can see, and some rather large tan plastic buttons on the waistband, which performed no function. The whole thing was also topstitched in that gold jeans thread, which isn’t a look I really love. But it was a nice dark denim, a good semicircular shape, and big enough that I could rework it.

Much like the white skirt I already wrote about, I started by removing the yoke/waistband at the top, along with its buttons. I then folded down the top of the skirt itself to create a new casing for some wide elastic.

I actually removed the pockets, wondering if I could leave them off altogether, but there was a visible line where they had been – even after I washed it – so I decided to reattach them but using navy thread for a more subtle look. Actually, now I really like the pockets.



One thought on “Me-Made-May Day 4

  1. I love the maternity alterations ideas. I really need to do some of this because I’ve definitely outgrown the non-maternity clothes at this point, but I’m too tired to pick up the to-do pile beside my sewing machine! The next burst of nesting energy needs to be directed there I think.

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