Self-stitched September: Days 12 and 13

Woah! Did I not post since last Monday?

Well, here we have the first two days of this week. It was a little cooler and I eagerly pulled out two new knitted items.

Monday I got away with wearing my new cardigan – knitted by me!


It’s actually the third time around for this yarn. You might feel it’s vaguely familiar from having seen it in this version, which already was its second time around. I did wear that previous cardigan a few times in the spring, but felt that the sleeves particularly didn’t fit very well, which was partly the pattern and partly that the yarn is very heavy and hence hangs heavily, accentuating baggy sleeves. At the time, I was mainly trying to convince myself that I could knit something wearable, and I wasn’t confident enough to alter a pattern.

This time, I decided to re-knit the yarn into another cardigan, but this one I designed myself. And it has its flaws, but I do love certain things about it, and I figured re-using old yarn was a good way to practice with designing for the first time.

IMG_2154 IMG_2135

Continuing the knitwear theme, here is Tuesday’s outfit.

IMG_2169It’s my scarf! It wasn’t particularly cold that day, more just cool enough to get away with wearing it. And I may now say that this is a prize-winning scarf. Over the weekend we were at the Town Show, which for my American readers is something like a small-scale county fair. I decided to enter this scarf in the knitting category of the ‘domestic’ competition, and it won third place! There was even a cash prize. It was £1. Still makes me laugh. It’s not about the money, you know, but rather the immense renown.

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