Knitting Projects, Old and Older

I don’t knit as avidly as I used to, largely because I don’t spend so much time travelling and it’s a warmer climate here. But actually, despite it being Texas, it really does get bone-chillingly cold sometimes, and our homes are poorly insulated. The only thing really missing from the North Yorkshire experience is the wind and the drafty plate glass windows. So since we are having a sudden cold snap, I pulled out my sweaters to wear and wash.

My first resort was an oldie but goodie cardigan, which in fact I don’t think I’ve featured on the blog before.


It’s made from undyed wool from the breed of sheep called Blue-Faced Leicester. Now this sweater has a lot of memories for me. I bought the yarn at an event that many British readers may recognise, the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace. The buttons came from the haberdashery department at the local department store where we were living in London. I knitted the sweater during the first trimester of pregnancy (one reason I chose a cardigan style), when I was laid out on the sofa watching every cheesy Christmas movie because that was all I had the energy for. The sad thing was that, for months afterwards – even when morning sickness was over – the very smell and texture of the sweater made me queasy! Thankfully, once the pregnancy was over the association passed and I have worn it happily since.

I did wear it at least a few times as soon as I had made it, as you can see below. I was about 6 weeks pregnant in this photo, I think. Incidentally I’m wearing the same skirt as I am in the photo above. I guess I keep my clothes a long time!


A couple of years later, I got back into knitting and was working through some yarn I had already bought. In the end I made the same pattern again because it was so enjoyable to make and fit so well.


Then with the leftover yarn, I made a tiny sweater for my little one. Here you see it complete with crumbs.



I am turning into an old-fashioned mother who knits her child a new sweater each year. It’s mainly because you can’t find wool children’s clothes (without, I suppose, ordering online), and acrylic just isn’t as warm or as durable – not really a viable substitute in my opinion. Well, listen to that. I sound like someone’s mother for sure.

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