I am a homemaker and writer, currently working on a historical mystery set in fourteenth-century England. This blog began with a focus on homemaking, sewing, and sustainability. In 2020 I’m shifting my focus to share what I am learning as a novelist.

Despite doing lots of creative writing as a teenager and in college, I gave it up for some years to go to graduate school, where I got an MPhil and a PhD in English focusing on the medieval period. I returned to creative writing after the birth of my daughter, and discovered that while I knew a lot about the Middle Ages and about academic writing, I still didn’t know how to write a novel. So now I am learning!

I live in Texas with my husband and our daughter.

Why ‘Sorting Buttons’?

When I was growing up, we had a button jar we would tip out onto the floor. We would then scrape through the buttons, grouping them, finding a matching set or a single oddity. The huge mess of buttons, once examined, yielded surprising finds and patterns.

I think of blogging in much the same way: putting together small things to see the larger patterns that emerge.

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  1. Hi – only writing as, was curious where you located the brown dropper bottle in your essential oils post. I see that it has a graduated dropper .. and was wondering is that a glass dropper or plastic? and if glass would like to know where you found them!

    thank you for any help you could provide -frank

    1. I’m so glad you found my blog! I’m actually not sure how to subscribe by email, since it’s not a function I’ve ever used before myself, but I’ve asked my ‘administrator’ (i.e. my husband!) to investigate how to do this and I will let you know!

    2. Hi Elizabeth, I’ve just added a widget to the sidebar where you can subscribe to the blog by email. It’s on the right-hand side at the bottom. Hopefully that should give you what you need!

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