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So, I meant to report on my cleaning up of baby clothes. I did actually do the baby clothes – but I don’t have a good photo and the baby herself is sleeping in the room I need to photograph. So instead you get an account of how I tidied up our travel supplies.

First, here’s a picture of…amorphous shapes. That’s the corner of our back closet piled high with suitcases, plus my backpack hanging from a hanger. Ain’t it lovely?


Okay, so we had seven suitcases. Plus a laptop bag. It seemed excessive to me, but we’ve done a lot of travelling, and I can give a good reason for each one we own. One of the big black ones crossed the Atlantic with me the first time when I moved to the UK, and then last year it carried my stuff back again, AWWWW! It got donated in the end, because I liked other suitcases better and we simply had too many. Ultimately I pared this collection down to five suitcases.


Inside the laptop bag I discovered all kinds of electronic equipment. Good thing I haven’t done that category yet!


To my astonishment, in the suitcases I discovered no less than TWO items that had been untouched since we moved more than a year ago: a white sheet and a little rubber thing that keeps cords wound up. I must have missed them when I unpacked. But I had been specifically looking for them ever since, even been on the verge of buying another sheet but resisted because I just knew I already had one. And so I did.


I also went through a box of travel supplies which included foreign currency, suitcase scales, adaptors, my UK hairdryer, and a couple of cosmetic bags and the like.

Here’s a terrible photo of the result of my tidying in the back closet. We have tons of space back there (and increasingly so as I tidy), so I am fulfilling a lifelong dream of storing suitcases not nested inside each other, or stuffed with off-season clothes, but just sitting empty side by side. But it did irritate me that they were sitting on the floor of the closet, which has too few shelves and too many hanging rods. I ended up propping them, like books, on the lower hanging rod, where they sit at a slight angle against the wall and are surprisingly stable – i.e. you really have to pull purposefully to get them off. The big box beside the suitcases contains other travel accessories.


That’s done!

I’m taking a few weeks off from my KonMari efforts because we are busy with other activities, but I plan to resume later in October. Hope to see you all then!

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