Me-Made-May 2015

me-made-may'14I really enjoyed doing Self-Stitched September in the fall, when for one month I tried to wear at least one handmade garment on five days of the week for the whole of September.

So I thought I would sign up to participate in Me-Made-May, the spring equivalent, hosted by Zoe. I hesitated initially, because pregnancy has put a lot of my wardrobe out of commission, and a lot of my maternity staples are store-bought, making me nervous about being able to make enough homemade outfits to last the month without getting frustrated. However, I definitely enjoyed the Self-Stitched September challenge, and I think I’ll view being pregnant as simply amping up the challenge for May.

So my terms will be the same as before: I will try to wear one handmade, or refashioned or altered, garment five days a week for the month of May. The new challenge will be that I am large and only getting larger, and indeed for the time being still living out of a suitcase after our recent move! But I have a few sewing projects planned, and I’m looking forward to being creative with the clothes I do have.

As in September, I plan to share many, if not all, of my outfits on the blog, another part of the challenge which I really enjoyed. So I shall see you on Friday!

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