Self-stitched September: Day 29

September is almost over! One of the biggest challenges in wearing something handmade every day has been that the weather this month was warmer than I expected. I should have taken the hint and made a couple of short-sleeved tops, instead of rushing to finish a sweater which hasn’t yet seen the light of day. So on Sunday I did some sewing and made a short-sleeved tee from some leftover fabric. Take that, Indian summer! And here is today’s outfit.


You’ll recognise the stripes. I made a long-sleeved top and happily had enough for a short-sleeved version. However, I wanted to try a different sleeve style, because I discovered that trying to match up stripes with a typical set-in sleeve is a big hassle (and I didn’t succeed in the end). So I drafted what I think is called a kimono sleeve, i.e. a sleeve which is cut as one piece with the bodice.

IMG_2383With this style of sleeve, you only have to match the stripes along the shoulder seam (up at the top) and the side seam. This is why, I suspect, many of the popular striped tees in the shops these days are also made this way. But I do think this style of sleeve turns out to have a flattering shape as well. Come summer I expect I’ll be making more from this pattern.

IMG_2378The skirt is another homemade item. I’ve had it so long I almost forget that fact. I made it with the intention that it would be a good season-spanning item. It’s lined, so it can be worn with tights (as here) without clinging to them or needing a slip, but it’s also a fairly summery cotton so doesn’t look out of place in warm weather. It’s a funny colour, kind of a light, dusty purple, which is almost a neutral shade. Probably its biggest claim to fame is all the buttons (twelve), which are covered with the same fabric. Definitely worth the trouble. Of this fabric, too, I have some left over, so you may yet see it again some day…



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