Hello friends! I’ve taken a year’s hiatus from blogging, for a few reasons. However, lately, I’ve had a few ideas rumbling in my head that I wanted to write about on this platform, so I’ve decided to reappear.

My blogging break began last summer when I decided to start writing fiction again. I loved it and didn’t want to drain my writing energy on anything else, like blogging, so I decided to step away from other forms of writing to focus on my fiction project. In addition, because I was devoting that time to writing, other projects went to a back burner: sewing and crafting, zero waste, and the home organisation projects (including KonMari) that had formed my blog’s main subject matter. Thus, I had less of these things to blog about, and I didn’t feel that I wanted to blog about writing itself. I just wanted to write. So for the latter half of 2017, that’s what I did.

In the new year, we had some practical changes in our household. We bought a house and moved. At that stage I thought about returning to the blog with the various projects I undertook in the new house, but in fact that time period coincided with flu season and turned out to be enormously stressful. No blogging.

After that, I developed some chronic health problems, which again meant that I had to clear everything unnecessary from my plate and focus on that unwanted “project” of sorting out my health.

Lately, however, I find some of my energy returning, and I keep wanting to write again about the topics I enjoy blogging about: the nerdy side of homemaking and crafting, and a new (or rather revived) interest in productivity and intellectual work, because in fact I have been intellectually productive in the last year, for the first time since having a child.

A couple of old favourite topics have also resurfaced in my mind: namely the KonMari method and zero waste. Those topics have been the most popular on this blog, statistically, but with both I’d reached a natural end to the efforts. However, since our move, the house is in need of some tidying up, and in fact the post-move chaos has made me realise a lot of the benefits I enjoyed from doing the KonMari method a year and a half ago. So that is a topic I’d like to revisit. In addition, many of my zero waste habits have fallen away from a combination of factors: living further from certain stores, having new dietary requirements, and greatly reduced energy. I’m happy to do what’s necessary for our life at this point, but in a few areas I think I could reduce some of our trash. We are in a new situation, so I think I’ll have to find some new solutions.

During my blogging break I’ve also been considering my vision for this blog, not wanting to return until I was sure what value it had for me and what its purpose was. So I’ll share those thoughts so you know what to expect going forward. This platform is a creative outlet for me, and a place to share the pursuits that I don’t get to share in most other contexts: broadly I would class them as homemaking, with a flavour of creativity, thrift, and curiosity. I care more about the quality of content than about frequency, which has been my style all along. This makes for a sometimes infrequent posting schedule but, I hope, content that is thoughtful and stimulating.

So, if you’ve returned after that long break, welcome back!

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